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General rules

The Foro Mascotas Pet Food will provide commercial booths with the following specifications:
1. Exhibition days: Thursday, June 16 and Friday, June 17, 2022, at Expo Guadalajara , Guadalajara, Jal. Mexico.
2. Assembly day: Wednesday, June 15, from 9:00 a.m. and until 22:00 p.m. NOTE: After 22:00 p.m. apply an additional cost to the exhibitor
3. Dismantling day: Friday, June 17th, from 15:00 to 22:00 p.m. NOTE: After 22:00 p.m. apply an additional cost to the exhibitor
4. Cost of booths:
- General booth: $ 38,500.00 + VAT (Mexican pesos). Dimensions: 3.0 m front x 3.0 m deep x 2.4 m high
- Type B booth: $ 71,000.00 + VAT. (Mexican pesos). Dimensions: 6.0 m front x 3.0 m deep x 2.4 m high
- Type C booth: $ 90,000.00 + VAT. (Mexican pesos). Dimensions: 9.0 m front x 3.0 m deep x 2.4 m high
- Type A Booth: $ 102,200.00 + VAT. (Mexican pesos). Dimensions: 6.0 m front x 6.0 m deep x 2.4 m high
* Note: For the assembly of special booths (under the company's design), the maximum height allowed is 4.00 m
* NOTE: 5% discount applies to any of the stands when paying in advance before January 15, 2022.
5. Characteristics of the booths: Back wall and sides in octagonal construction system with 8-way aluminum profiles with white panel elements, both sides in 2.40 m high melamine (in special designs up to 4 m high), canopies in melamine and aluminum profiles, 1 double polarized electrical contact of 110 v / 500 watts, 1 slim line lamp of 2 x 38 watts, sign made of self-adhesive vinyl in black color less than 30 characters, 1 table in cloth and 3 chairs. NOTE: The 6x3 and 6x6 booths are delivered with electrical contacts, ready to be assembled as defined by the company.
6. Data for deposit:
CLABE: 002180700405922943
7. Additional conference passes, exclusively for personnel of the company contracting the stand, will cost $3,800.00 each + IVA.
8. The cost per additional meal pass (1st day) is $900.00 + IVA.
9. In the event that the company contracting the booth purchases conference passes for clients or other guests, these will be charged at the Group's cost.
10. The booth will be considered rented once the application form has been filled out and the total deposit has been paid. Cancellations may be made at least 30 calendar days prior to the event, and will be charged 30% of the total cost for administrative expenses. Cancellations made less than 30 days prior to the event will not be refundable.
11. The assembly and disassembly of the stands will be the responsibility of the company contracted by the organizers for this purpose.
12. It is forbidden to modify or move any of the booth modules without prior authorization from the organizers.
13. The contractor must provide the name that will appear on the booth marquee at least 2 weeks prior to the event. The length of the name must be as specified in point 5.
14. The booth must be delivered to the organizers at the end of the event in the same condition in which it was received; otherwise, the contractor will cover the cost derived from missing furniture or any damage caused to the same.
15. If music is used in the booth, it should be played at a volume level that does not affect others.
16. No space outside the booth (aisles, neighboring booths, etc.) should be invaded.
17. The entry of alcoholic beverages to the stands is prohibited.
18. The maximum number of people that can enter the booth by the exhibitor is 2 people (per 3x3 booth), which are entitled to participate in food. In case of more than 2 people, the company will assume the excess food costs.
19. The organizers of the Foro Mascotas Pet Food disclaim any responsibility for the products and information that is exhibited, being the total responsibility of the person who does it.
20. The exhibition of articles or information offensive to the attendees, or that degrades the objective of the event, is prohibited.
21. The organizers reserve the right to postpone or relocate the event for technical or space reasons.
22. In case of cancellation of the event, the organizers will reimburse the cost of the stand except when the cancellation is due to force majeure, beyond the control of the organizing committee, such as flood, earthquake, etc.
23. The booth contract does not include admission to conferences, except when stipulated according to booth size.
24. The exhibitor must comply with the additional rules established by Expo Guadalajara.
25. Contact for assemblers: Daniel Martínez. Cel: +52 (33) 3257 0799
26. For additional modifications to stand, contact and quote with: O.N.C.E (National Organization of Congresses and Events) Address: Los Arrayanes 10, Residencial de los Naranjos, C.P. 45600 Tlaquepaque, Jalisco.
Phone / Fax +52 (33) 1031 0359, Mexico D.F. +52 (55) 1209 8255,,